Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Of Writing Advice and Updates

Hey, guys!

I know, I know. I did it again... Really, though, I'd make an excellent magician's assistant. I can disappear at the drop of a hat.

So, where have I been lately? Well, for the most part, I've been working on Revival's sequel... And you'll be happy to hear that it's coming along nicely!

I've also been apartment hunting. The process was basically House Hunters meets The Highlander. In the end, there could only be one—and I think we finally have a winner! If all goes well, I'll be moving across town next week. So things have been a little crazy with all the packing and planning and such... But words are still finding their way onto the page, in spite of the chaos, so don't fret! Everything is still pretty much on schedule.


I saw something earlier I wanted to share here on the blog.

I'm always on the lookout for writing advice that I can pass along to other aspiring writers, and when I saw Gavin Aung Than's illustration of John Green's words, I knew it was something plenty of you would appreciate!

(Click here to see the original post on Zenpencils.com)

 Excellent advice, Mr. Green. Thanks for always being awesome.

...Now. Time for this easily-distracted author to get back to work, before the muse can disappear to Barbados again. Take care everyone! And DFTBA!