Thursday, September 24, 2015

Of Author Signings, Free Books, and Sequels

Hey, guys! Long time, no post again. Sorry about that. One of these days I'll try to get back onto a regular schedule for updating this blog.

So much has happened in the last few months that I hardly know where to begin! First up, I want to thank each and every one of you for helping to make the release of Redux a success! I was absolutely blown away by the support and interest you all showed for the third book in the Variant Series! Thank you!!! Y'all totally rock.

Next up, two big announcements!

First - I'm excited to announce that I'll be taking part in the 2016 Roanoke Author Invasion in Roanoke, Virginia!! The event is set to take place on April 2, 2016 at the Holiday Inn - Tanglewood. You can find out more about the event—and also take a peek at a list of the 60+ amazing authors that will be in attendance—by clicking the image below!

Roanoke Author Invasion

(Clicking the image will open up the event website in a new window.)

I'll be talking more about the signing as the event gets a little closer. So excited (and honored!) to have been invited to take part next year!

Second - Revival, the first novel in the Variant Series, is now perma-free and will be available for FREE download from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iTunes, and Smashwords for the foreseeable future. Check it out if you haven't already—and if you have, then be sure to tell a friend who might enjoy it!

Download Revival for free on Amazon!

That's really all for the announcements right now, other than to say that, "Yes! I am most definitely working on a fourth book in the Variant Series!!!" It's been the most popular question in my inbox since the release of Redux, so I wanted to go ahead and address it here on the blog.

The fourth book is still a work in progress, but it has a tentative release date of Spring, 2016. The goal is to have it ready for release around the same time as the Roanoke event! Fingers crossed the muse is willing and that the coffee keeps flowing...

There's also a new, official, Jena Leigh website up and running, in addition to my home here on Blogger! To visit, all you need to do is click the "Home" tab on the far left side of the menu bar at the top of the Jena Leigh Blogger page, or click here.

On a slightly personal note, my health isn't the best right now, and it's getting a little difficult to keep up with my e-mail and social media correspondence. If you write me, but don't hear back right away, I apologize! I absolutely love hearing from you guys (it's one of my favorite things about being an author) and I promise that you'll hear back from me just as soon as I'm able to reply.

Hope you're all doing well and that you have an absolutely FANTASTIC weekend! I'll leave you this time with a song that's currently on repeat as I work on the opening chapters of Book Four! (And the lyrics should give you a tiny hint at what's to come for Alex and the gang...)

Take care, y'all! :)

Shinedown - State of My Head

...It’s time to get down, dirty up our knees in the battle
Come on, round up the boys, gonna make the walls rattle

Oh, our flag is tattered
And our bones are shattered
But it doesn’t matter
‘Cause we’re movin’ forward

Round ‘em up, round ‘em up, let’s go
Round ‘em up, let’s go

Oh, my eyes are seein’ red
Double vision from the blood we’ve shed
The only way I’m leavin’ is dead
That’s the state of my, state of my, state of my head...

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Release Day!! - REDUX (The Variant Series, #3)

Hello, everyone!

It's here! It's here! Today's the day—Redux, the third novel in the Variant Series is now available in ebook form from Amazon, iTunes, Nook, and Smashwords for just $2.99!  For those of you looking for the paperback, it will be available on Amazon sometime next week.


Find Redux on Amazon!


Alex Parker sits at the crossroads, out of time and out of place. She went back to fix the past, not to imperil the future. Rescued from the icy waters of the Bering Sea by one familiar face, she's helpless to find another. Declan O'Connell jumped with her, but where did he go?

In the middle of her search, a new threat confronts Alex. A serial killer with a taste for Variants has Seattle on edge. When she crosses the path of this vicious murderer, the revelations Alex discovers could change everything. That outcome is an unknown, but there is a terrible certainty on the table — an impossible decision with irreversible consequences. But can Alex make that choice and commit herself and those she loves to a total

There will be plenty of giveaways over the next few weeks, so be sure to keep an eye on the Jena Leigh website, or follow me on Twitter (@jenaleighbooks) for more details!

Speaking of giveaways—right now, you can enter to win a paperback copy of the new book on Goodreads. While you're there, be sure to add Redux to your shelf!

Thank you all so very much for your support and I hope you enjoy this new installment in the Variant Series! Happy reading!!


P.S. If you're a blogger who is interested in reviewing Redux (or any of the other novels in the Variant Series) for your blog and would like a digital review copy, please send me an e-mail with your information!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Cover Reveal: REDUX (The Variant Series, #3)

On July 22nd, less than one month from today, Redux (The Variant Series, #3) will be released!!

To celebrate the start of our countdown, today on the blog we're kicking things off with the official reveal of the cover and an amazing giveaway!

So here it is, guys, the brand new cover for Redux!



Alex Parker sits at the crossroads, out of time and out of place. She went back to fix the past, not to imperil the future. Rescued from the icy waters of the Bering Sea by one familiar face, she's helpless to find another. Declan O'Connell jumped with her, but where did he go?

In the middle of her search, a new threat confronts Alex. A serial killer with a taste for Variants has Seattle on edge. When she crosses the path of this vicious murderer, the revelations Alex discovers could change everything. That outcome is an unknown, but there is a terrible certainty on the table — an impossible decision with irreversible consequences. But can Alex make that choice and commit herself and those she loves to a total


So what do you think? Getting excited for book three yet? Don't forget to mark your calenders, Redux will be available in both paperback and e-book, beginning on July 22nd!

And to celebrate today's cover reveal, we're hosting a Rafflecopter giveaway of FIVE copies of the Redux e-book AND a $10 Amazon gift card!! To enter, check out the widget below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

ETA: And that's a wrap! Thanks for participating, everyone! Sierra G. was the lucky winner of the $10 Amazon Gift Card! Everyone else will be receiving an ebook copy of Redux! 

 If you were one of the winners, you'll be hearing from me via e-mail before the day is out! (Today, Wednesday, the 22nd.) Thanks!


Want to add Redux on Goodreads? Just click the button!


P.S. Time for the standard disclaimer—for those of you searching this post for the cover design credit... *nervously raises hand* Erm. It was me. I designed all of the covers in the Variant series myself. I realize this goes completely against the advice I always give about hiring someone to design your covers, but (in my meager defense) graphic design has been a hobby of mine for over ten years now. So I feel at least slightly qualified to do it myself... But still. This is most definitely a case of do as I say, not as I do! As an author, your book will always be better served by giving it the best cover possible—and if that means hiring a graphic designer instead of putting together a design of your own, then that's exactly what you should do. :)

Friday, June 12, 2015

Variant Series Book Three Release Date

Hey, guys!

I am very pleased to announced that Book Three in the Variant Series is about to start working its way through the editing process—and that we finally have a release date!

Book Three will be available in both eBook and paperback starting July 22nd!

So mark your calendars... And be sure to keep an eye out on June 26th for the official Cover and Title Reveal!! With any luck, the book will be made available for pre-order shortly thereafter, so stay tuned for that announcement as well.

More details to come—but for now, I want to say a big, BIG thank-you to all of you for your endless encouragement and support! Your patience, understanding, and kindness means the world to me, and I can't wait for you guys to read what comes next for Alex and the gang!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Quick Update

First off, to everyone who took the time to comment on my last post or send me an email overflowing with support, suggestions, and well-wishes... Thank you!!! Your kindness and understanding means more to me than you could ever know, and your words of encouragement helped get me through a really tough time. You guys are amazing.

Lately I've received a massive number of emails, comments, and questions on social media that all included the same question: "When is book three coming out??"

And I really, really wish I had an exact answer for you.

Here's the situation—I'm working on the novel every day, but progress is slow going. I'd love to throw out another estimated publication date, but after having the last two predictions come and go without being met, I'd rather not tempt fate again.

I will say this, though... I am determined to finish this book and to make it the absolute best that it can be. It's been a total nightmare to write (let's just say that I took on a challenge that I wasn't quite prepared for, and that it's slowed my progress immensely), but I love these characters and I'm committed to telling their story. I will finish what I started, but complications and distractions in my personal and professional life have made it difficult to finish the project as quickly as I'd hoped.

Thankfully, I have an absolutely amazing editor who is helping me whip this novel into shape, and—with any luck—my next update to the blog will include an official announcement about the release.

In the meantime I want to thank you guys again for your understanding and support!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Of Facing the Facts and Forced Vacations

Okay. So. I'm going to preface this by saying that this is a post that I had really hoped to avoid writing.

Like, ever.

But I feel it's something that I finally need to explain, if only because I need to take some of the pressure off of myself where this third book in the Variant Series is concerned. (And also, to an extent, because I feel like I owe you an explanation as to why my projected timelines keep getting stretched further and further into the future.)

Not to worry, book three will still be released in early 2015, come hell or high water (or hospital visits, but we'll get to that part in a moment). It's far enough along that—baring some pretty serious extenuating circumstances that I should be able to avoid—it will be ready for publication relatively soon.

I just need y'all to understand what's happening with me, and I need to finally explain why it takes me so dang long to get my books out to you.

The self-publishing world is pretty fast-paced. At times, the process of traditional publishing seems to move at a snail's pace in comparison.

That's part of the beauty of it. Self-published authors are able to speed things up exponentially, just by virtue of being the sole authority on their writing and publishing process. They can provide their readers with new material almost as fast as they can write and polish it. There are indie authors out there who manage to publish multiple books (sometimes an unbelievable number of them) in a single year.

You guys have probably noticed by now—I am not that kind of indie author.

I just can't write my novels that quickly. And in a market that often expects two or more new titles a year from self-pubs.... Well, it can put a lot of pressure on a writer to live up to that standard.

For the past three years, I have tried and failed to live up to that particular expectation. And it's probably time I explained why.

Like I said at the outset, this is not something I originally wanted to tell you about.

I'm a relatively private person, and this is a topic that I usually avoid talking about whenever possible. It's an issue I deal with daily, but that I try very hard not to let others know about. Mostly because there's very little to be gained by talking about it. It is what it is, and everyday I do my best to deal with it and live my life like it isn't much of an issue.

Most days, I succeed. Some days... not so much.

At times in the past, I've mentioned that my health really isn't the best. If you follow me on Twitter, you've likely noticed a tweet or two referencing this fact.

For the last two years, I've been receiving an IV treatment once every eight weeks to help control an autoimmune disease. (I actually need to receive this treatment at least once every four-to-six weeks, but the insurance company refuses to pay for it to be administered any more often than every eight—and at roughly $2,500 per dose, I'm kind of at their mercy, here. {Really. You gotta love the American health care system.})

For the most part, this treatment program has been successful at keeping me feeling pretty good (if not particularly great) and has kept me out of the hospital for nearly two years.

Unfortunately, the last two treatments I received haven't worked as well as they usually do and it's resulted in a pretty major relapse and the return of some of my worst symptoms. When you add in a run of bad luck and a few personal losses that have caused my anxiety issues to soar to new heights (lows?), and the fact that this particular disease (like most chronic illnesses) is made exponentially worse by heightened stress-levels....

Um... Well... Yeah. I'm kind of in a not-so-good way, at the moment.

I'm currently eight days away from my next treatment and in an attempt to ensure that I make it to that next dose without being admitted to the hospital, I'm going to be taking a short vacation.

A vacation from basically everything, except for sleep, books, and a nonstop marathon of the best movies and TV shows Netflix has to offer.**

I need to take it easy for a bit. And I hope you can understand and forgive me, but that means that all things book-three related are going to be placed on the back burner until I can get my health back in working order.

I could have waited to admit to all this until early next year... And, heck, if everything goes the way I'm hoping it will—and I bounce back from this quickly enough to remain on schedule—I might not have needed to say anything at all.

But the truth is, I needed to finally come to terms with the fact that my health will always be a factor in the speed at which I'm able to publish my novels. And with all the love and support you guys have shown me over the past few years, I felt like I owed you some sort of explanation as to why I keep making you wait such a long time in between books. (Especially after that rather cruel cliffhanger I left you dangling from at the end of Resistance... Seriously, y'all. It's killing me not to just break down and spill my guts here on the blog about what happens next, just so I can put an end to the suspense!)

Thanks again for all the love you've shown me lately. You guys totally rock.

I'll see you all again in the new year!

**And if you have any recommendations of your own Netflix faves, or of books that I absolutely have to read, send them my way! I'll adore you for them. Okay, I'll probably adore you, anyway, but if you help me find some fun distractions during the next few weeks, you're likely to be upgraded to Hero status. :)

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Of Sleep Deprivation and Updates

I don't mean to alarm anyone... but I woke up at 4:30 this morning.

Like, on my own. And by that, I mean without the aid of a window-rattling sonic boom or the smell of coffee. One minute I was sleeping soundly and the next it was all... OHDEARGODWHYAREPEOPLEEVENALIVETHISEARLYINTHEMORNING.

I would have been happy enough to go back to sleep, but the muse had other plans.

She was all like...

Because apparently my muse is Daria Morgendorffer. No surprise there, really.

*sigh* I'm happy (if a bit exhausted) to report that I have reached that point in the writing process of this book.

The #NoSleepTillBOOK-lyn part. (*rereads her absolutely terrible pun* *decides that it's excusable since it was written before the sun was awake*) In other words, the brakes are off and we're officially on a crash course with completion. Woo!

I'd be much happier about this if my muse kept normal office hours.

Anyway. Just thought I'd check in real quick and let you guys know we are definitely on track for the mid–February release date. For now, anyway. *knocks on wood*

How are y'all? You good? I hope you're good.

I've got a book to write and coffee to acquire, so I'll end this here. Big, BIG thank-you's to all of you for being so patient and supportive up to this point! I would have cried uncle ages ago, if it weren't for all of you! Thanks for all the love you've sent my way lately!