Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tune in Tuesday – Revival Playlist

Tune in Tuesday is a weekly music feature that was originally hosted by the fabulous Ginger at GReads. However, for the time being, Katelyn of Kate's Tales of Books and Bands will be hosting. It's probably obvious by now that I love music almost as much as I love books! When I found out about Tune in Tuesday, I couldn't resist getting in on the action! Be sure to check back every week for new music and if you'd like to join us, just drop by Katelyn's blog and link up your post!

Happy Tuesday!

Today I decided to post a (partial) playlist of the music I listened to while writing Revival. These were the tunes I cranked in my headphones in order to tune out this world and lose myself in theirs... The songs I played when I needed lyrical inspiration, character insights or just a catchy beat that matched the mood of the scene I was writing.

Two things about the list...

First up, it's only a partial playlist. There's a lot more where this came from. The songs I picked for the list were (for the most part) the ones that occasionally wound up on repeat while I wrote.

Second, not all of the lyrics will fit the book. So if you're listening to, say, The Decemberists song Down by the Water and wondering what the heck that has to do with the story... Well, you're right. The lyrics have nothing to do with anything. That song was special to me just because the tone (for whatever reason) made me think of Declan.

Same with the Jay-Z and Kanye song No Church in the Wild and Burn it Down by AWOLNATION. I blasted those songs, on repeat, while writing the end of the parking garage scene and the ensuing car chase—all because the driving beat of both songs perfectly matched the scenes I was writing.

With that out of the way, I present the (partial) Revival playlist! Hope you enjoy these songs as much as I do!


  1. Oh I love me some Kings of Leon!! And you mentioned AWOLNATION, they are certainly one of my favorites <3

    1. Me too! Love them both. I listened to Kings and AWOLNATION a lot when I was trying to get into Declan's head. Worked like a charm. I love it when certain bands can help me figure out my characters!

  2. Hmm, I like this song! I got so sick of "Use Somebody" when it was on the radio that I decided I hated Kings of Leon. But now I'm rethinking that decision. :)

    My pick for this week.

    1. Haha I know what you mean... Sex on Fire and Use Somebody are my least favorite Kings of Leon songs and exactly for that reason. Too overplayed! The other songs on their albums are also wonderful, and I'm not sick of them yet. :)