Thursday, February 21, 2013

Of Coffee Thieves and Kenzie O'Connell

So I'm a little distracted these days working on Revival's sequel, but I thought I'd go ahead and share a post that was originally published over at Jenny's amazing book review blog, Supernatural Snark

For those of you who haven't had the chance yet to check out Revival (the first book in The Variant Series) Declan's sister, Kenzie, is here today to introduce you to the story and to give you an insight or two into their world...



Hi! I’m Kenzie O’Connell. I’m a Leo. I like coffee, computers, long walks on the beach and, well, more coffee.

…Aaaannd Jena’s giving me the stink eye.

Right. Sorry, Jena.

Can you blame a girl for trying? I spend most of my days under the obnoxious and ever-vigilant eyes of three brothers and our guardian, John Grayson. That much testosterone (and potential for public embarrassment) doesn’t exactly help a gal’s social life.

I’m supposed to be talking about Jena’s new novel, Revival, in which I have the starring role.

…Wow. Careful, Jena. Your face might stick that way.

Okay, so I’m not exactly the star of the show. That honor goes to my dear friend Alex.

She’s flippin’ adorable, you guys. No, really. You’ll like her. Personally, I love her. But that’s probably because she’s the first chick in ages who not only tolerates my brothers—she also knows our secret… And we know hers.

Y’see, my family’s a little… different.

Oh, who am I kidding? We’re not even human. Not technically. My family and I—we’re Variants. Every one of us has a special ability that we hide from the world. Agency rules. If we draw too much attention to ourselves, we’ll have them to answer to. Let’s just say that shadowy government organizations don’t take too kindly to show offs.

And Alex? Well, she’s got even more to worry about.

Her powers are unlike anything I’ve ever seen—and I’m not just talking about the effect she has on my idiot brothers. Her abilities put her on a whole new level of freaktastic. And if she can’t get them under control, we could all be in trouble.

…Is that good, Jena? Can I have my coffee back now?

What the crap do you mean you “sort of drank it”?

Oh. Oh, it’s so on.

Come back here, author-lady, before I go all Variant on your novel-writing self! I mean it, Jena! You owe me a coffee!


Coffee thief.

Don’t hold it against her, y’all. It was some awesome coffee… And she needs the caffeine more than I do right now. After all, she’s got all those wonderful, Kenzie-filled scenes in Revival’s sequel to finish writing.

I’ll consider it an act of charity.

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