Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tune In Tuesday—Checking In

 Tune in Tuesday is a weekly music feature that was originally hosted by Ginger at GReads and is now run by the lovely Katelyn of Kate's Tales of Books and Bands. It's probably obvious by now that I love music almost as much as I love books! When I found out about Tune in Tuesday, I couldn't resist getting in on the action! Be sure to check back every week for new music and if you'd like to join us, just drop by Katelyn's blog and link up your post!

*sneaks out from behind you*

Hi there!

Remember me? Your friendly neighborhood YA/sci-fi author who has a terrible habit of disappearing from her blog for weeks at a time?

Yeah, hi. Wonderful to see you again...

I figured I'd better stop by the blog today and give you lovelies an update on Revival's sequel... And that update is... Well, it's still in the works.

But not to worry! It's still on track for a fall release. And that means that sometime in the next few months the festivities will officially begin—excerpts from the novel, giveaways and the all-important cover reveal!

In the meantime, why not listen to a few tunes that have been stuck in my head while I've been writing Book Two?


365 Days by ZZ Ward

Royals by Lorde

Harlem by New Politics

Well, there you have it. The songs I've been playing on repeat while writing. So crank it loud and shake it like a bad girl up in Harlem, guys... I've got a novel to finish!

And one more thing—be sure to check out the fantastic I HEART Young Adult Month over at TeamNerd Reviews! You could even enter to win a autographed copy of Revival!


  1. Love that you and Karen both chose the song "Royals" this week! Also, I've been hearing "Harlem" on the radio a lot lately, and it's super catchy.

    My Tune in Tuesday.

    1. I've been driving back and forth across town a LOT lately and every time "Harlem" comes on the radio, I have to turn it up... It's probably going to be overplayed in another few months, but right now I'm loving it!

  2. *high five*! for our Royals pick :-)

    I like ZZ Ward. I'll have to look them up.

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

    1. *high five*! ZZ Ward is a new favorite of mine... Her voice is amazing! Blue Eyes Blind and Put the Gun Down are both pretty great songs. :)

  3. More Royals! lol. Fun stuff this week, yeah?! I really like that Harlem song, too! I can definitely see that becoming a song I blast on the radio and sing along with at the top of my lungs. :)

    I forgot to link up my post, but here's my Tune in Tuesday, too!

    1. Loved everything this week! Especially Knot in My Heart... I'm off to listen to more from The Zolas now. :)