Monday, October 28, 2013

Of Release Dates and Tempting Fate


Guys, guess what!


Wait, no. Hang on… *rereads declaration* Not that kind of a date. That’d be weird. We hardly know each other.

Let’s try this again:


(For anyone reading this site as text only, that's February 11, 2014!!!) 

That’s the day, y’all. That's the day I’ll finally be able to share Revival’s sequel with all of you!

I'd give it to you today, if I could, but events have conspired to push the release date back to February…. You wouldn’t want it today, anyway. Trust me. *cringes* It’s kind of a hot mess of typos and unnecessary ellipses.

But that's what edits are for! By the time February rolls around, the book will officially be the best it can possibly be, thanks to my super amazing editor and the input of my beta readers.

So why February? Why not release the book before New Year's, like I'd planned?

The answer's pretty simple: there's just no way to have it ready for you by then.

Ever wondered what happens to an author when they sit down to write the second book in a series, and then realize that all their best ideas amount to nothing but a dozen or more failed attempts?

I could wax poetic about fickle muses and tempting fate by promising the world a book you've yet to actually write... But Libba Bray (amazing author of the Gemma Doyle Trilogy and, most recently, The Diviners) said it best in this blog post titled "On Writing Despair (Juicebox Mix)," after she ran into stumbling block after stumbling block while trying to write a sequel to The Diviners.

If you want to understand the hell that is a dozen failed attempts at a novel, click that link. Oh. And you might want to grab a juice box and a lovey before you head over. It will help you survive the read. In the words of Mrs. Bray, "Doom goes better with juice."

In addition to my writing woes, real life decided to throw in a few kicks while I was down. It's made the whole process... less than pleasant.

Luckily, I'm nothing if not determined. :)

Also, I come heavily armed with dark roast coffee and an undying love for each of the characters in this series. Which helps.

I'll be making announcements in the coming months regarding Book 2's official title and the cover reveal, so stay tuned!!!!

P.S. If you're a blogger and would like to read and review Book 2 ahead of its release, be sure to send me an e-mail so we can work out the details! Thanks!

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