Friday, June 12, 2015

Variant Series Book Three Release Date

Hey, guys!

I am very pleased to announced that Book Three in the Variant Series is about to start working its way through the editing process—and that we finally have a release date!

Book Three will be available in both eBook and paperback starting July 22nd!

So mark your calendars... And be sure to keep an eye out on June 26th for the official Cover and Title Reveal!! With any luck, the book will be made available for pre-order shortly thereafter, so stay tuned for that announcement as well.

More details to come—but for now, I want to say a big, BIG thank-you to all of you for your endless encouragement and support! Your patience, understanding, and kindness means the world to me, and I can't wait for you guys to read what comes next for Alex and the gang!


  1. So I'm not really the type of person to write to authors but you inspired me to. I just wanted to thank you for your writing. As cliche as it sounds your writings have really helped me with my problems. I'm the type of person that highlights certain words or phrases and I find myself doing it quite frequently with your books. I love to try and see where you take your story and see how planned it is and love it. I've read Revival time and time again and was on edge waiting for the second one and devoured it in one sitting when it came out. I'll admit I'm not always very patient and hated the waiting but in saying this thank you for taking your time. Thank you for the times that you question your writing, choosing a particular word and seeing where the story takes you before it takes us. You are truly one of my favorite author and thank you for helping me with my small but personal problems in reading your stories. Never give up on writing you'll never know the effect you can have. So thanks again. I'm so excited for your third book and am going back to read the first two books over again.

    1. It's wonderful to meet you, Tiffany! Thank you so much for stopping by the blog and for taking the time to leave me such a lovely message. I am *so glad* to hear that you're enjoying the series and that reading the books has been helpful to you in some way. With any luck, you'll enjoy Redux as much as you did the first two books! I can't wait for you to read what comes next! Take care, and thank you for your kind words!!

      Happy reading!